Last week in the studio I decided to dedicate the week to chair week… The end result was some lovely restyled stools, where are the chairs… well taking a look at my shed (where you cannot get in the front door basically) I found a count of 16 other chairs that need a new look.  Guess what?  Chair week is extended to chair month or ongoing story of the chairs.

The problem I face as an upcycler is th accumulation of items that need so much work they just stack up.  So in effect I guess chair week is turning into the biggest challenge I have faced since beginning of my furniture restyling journey.. no more buying until it is cleared.  I have also been saying that for a very long time, will I manage to suceed or will I keep doing what I have been doing all along?

How did I end up with so many chairs?  Well….. I see a chair online and I think I will grab that one then I turn up to collect the chairs and whammo here are 4 more, oh and are you interested in this and what about this?  I walk away with it all and that is the story of the shed that has no room. 

I will take some shots and we will see if I can keep my goal in check!  One thing is for sure there are going to be some interesting restyles coming out of that shed…. did I mention how many suitcases I still have?