In the studio I finally decided to tackle chalk painting a pair of leather boots.  I have watched a few tutorials and decided that I would go with no prep and 3 coats of watered down chalk paint.

I used Pureco Reef chalk paint and added a variation of Jacaranda in the buckled section of the boot. I then applied a thick layer of liquid wax to seal it all in.

The results I was not entirely happy with as where there are creases and ware on the boots I found the paint struggled to adhere as well as the main sections.

So I dabbed some paint on by hand and continued to cover up the spots and will be leaving overnight to wax over and see if it works a bit better.

This version of painting leather I think would serve better if you were to scuff back sections and have a weathered look, then if the paint did not adhere in sections then it would not matter.

I have done up many suitcases and old windows it has been “a thing” now it is boots as there are many other ways to tackle the projects that I have seen.

Guess where I am off to shortly??